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Make-upMany of us are guilty of not paying as much attention to our make-up as perhaps we should. From foundation lines and clumping mascara to looking as if we’ve been ‘tangoed’, we’ve probably all had disasters at some point. Most beauty professionals agree that it should enhance your best features and minimize the negative ones; not make you look like a completely different person!
Whether you’ve got a big occasion coming up (such as your wedding) and you want your make-up to be perfect, or you just want to learn about how professionals apply make-up, most beauty salons offer cosmetics application for occasions and make-up lessons.

Wedding make-up
A woman’s wedding day is often considered the most important day of her life and every bride dreams of a perfect wedding. This includes looking perfect so it makes sense to leave the wedding make-up to the professionals – the risk of a disaster is then far less likely! Not only could the entire day be ruined if the wedding make-up goes wrong, but the wedding photographs will be around to haunt the bride forever!

A pre-wedding consultation is essential. Colors and styles can be discussed and tried until the bride finds her perfect look. It’s all very well having a professional to do the make you up, but the bride won’t be happy unless she feels comfortable with her look, so a ‘rehearsal’ should leave her feeling confident and you could pick up some make-up tips along the way. This will make the actual day of the wedding more relaxing as she’ll know what to expect and won’t be surprised with the finished look.

Brides should allow at least an hour and a half for their appointment. This will be plenty of time to perfect the look and allow for any interruptions. However this may vary with different beauticians so check this in advance!

Make-up lessons
Some women are lucky enough to be born with a natural creativity which helps them to apply their make-up. Other women spend huge amounts of time studying how others apply it and browsing magazines for inspiration and make-up tips. With enough practice they too can master the application. So what happens to those of us without a natural creativity or time to learn the art of applying cosmetics? The answer’s simple: either we accept our faces will never look like that of a models or we call in the professionals for help.

Beauticians will be able to advise you on the colors that suit you and how to apply all the different products to achieve the best look. It’s amazing the difference applying cosmetics correctly can make – just a foundation can transform your skin from drab and dull to radiant and glowing.

Every person has a different skin tone; eye color, lip shade, cheekbone structure, face shape and hair color, and all will be complemented by a different colored foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher, mascara etc. Unless you know which colors complement your unique appearance, you won’t be making the most of your make-up. All products can also be applied differently too, so there’s a strong possibility that the way you’re applying your cosmetics now could be improved. A beautician will be able to discuss this fully if you book a make-up lesson.


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